Bringing Neighborhoods Together

Oak + Willow is a Bay Area ADU and custom home builder that takes a creative approach and delivers modern designs. Our work benefits homeowners looking to take advantage of their space.


Benefits of an ADU

It’s easier now in California to get approval for an accessory dwelling unit. Leverage this opportunity. You can make an impact on your community’s housing supply.

Rental Income

Maximize investment and offset a mortgage or generate extra income.

Home Supply

Be part of the solution. Offer affordable housing and maintain your neighborhood’s character.


Keep family close. Provide independent living without committing to expensive leases.

What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit?

An accessory dwelling unit is a small detached residence. They’re commonly found in the backyard or within the existing home.

Configuring this type of unit is versatile and fits almost any space or lifestyle. Altogether it can include a full kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and even indoor laundry.

Detached Construction

The classic example. It’s the perfect rental income. It offers independence and privacy for the occupant.


Increase a home’s living footprint. It’s ideal for family and can include amenities like kitchens.

Internal Conversions

Don’t let unused square footage sit there. Give it a purpose by converting it into a living space.

Garage Conversions

Garages are more than just storage. Take the opportunity to transform it into a rental space.

It's This Simple

We have built custom homes large and small, our quality never changes. As a result, the same creative thought and finishes go into making our ADUs look and feel like home.

We Design

Designers are on hand to help with the hard decisions. They can even fully furnish the unit so it’s move-in ready for your tenant.

City Approves

Plans, meetings, and appointments in the city take a great deal of time. For this reason, we handle all this as well as permits and inspections.

accessory dwelling unit
We Build

We take pride in our work. We’re the sole builder of our projects and this ensures the job is done right and on time.


Same Quality

As an ADU and custom home builder, we strive for cohesion. The same creative thought and finishes go into making our projects look and feeling like the main house.