This Could Be Your Home

The build quality and level of care, whether it is an ADU or a house, is the same across the board. We take pride in our workmanship and our attention to detail.



An ode to the beautiful homes of Nantucket but on a smaller scale. Lovely shingles and a smoky blue color exemplify the class of this quaint home.

Type of Renovation: Full Remodel
Style: Nantucket Style

Mercer Cottage

This ADU was built behind a bigger front house that we remodeled in Willow Glen.

Type of Renovation: ADU
Style: Craftsman/Cottage

Accessory Dwelling Unit ADU Builder


Another charming Willow Glen home built in 1932, never remodeled—pink and avocado green tile abounded. Oak and Willow renovated this home in 2013.

Type of Renovation: Full Remodel, plus 500 SQFT addition
Style: Craftsman


One small original wall was left in this project. The house was built in the 1950s and had never been remodeled.

Type of Renovation: Full Remodel, Ground up construction
Style: Modern Farmhouse

Top of the Hill

The largest of Oak and Willow’s projects nestled in the Los Gatos mountains. This home was neglected for over 2 years and had never been remodeled, built in the ’80s.

Type of Renovation: Full remodel
Style: Modern French Chateau


This house was a challenge, to say the least. Situated on a 10K Sqft lot, it was originally inhabited by people with hoarding tendencies, and the house itself was all but destroyed.

Type of Renovation: Full Remodel
Style: Traditional